IRG Position

IRG position “NLP for the Humanities”

Steffen Eger currently holds the Independent Research Group (IRG) leader position “NLP for the humanities”. The name of the group headed by Dr. Eger is “Natural Language Learning Group” (NLLG).

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Research Profile

Focus areas of NLLG are Evaluation metrics for Machine Translation and Summarization; Poetry (Generation); NLP for Social Sciences; and Cross-lingual and Cross-temporal NLP.

Supervised PhD theses

  • Wei Zhao 2018-2021. Towards human-level natural language generation.

Supervised Bachelor / Master theses

Within the IRG position, I am or have been supervising theses on the following topics:

  • sentiment conditioned poetry generation
  • multilingual probing for sentence embeddings
  • unsupervised neural poetry translation

Currently open theses include (but not limited to):

Just contact me if you are interested in this or similar topics.

Current Publications

Current publications can be found here