Betreute Master- und Diplom-Arbeiten

Yiannis Tselekounis, Cryptographic Techniques for Hardware Security, 2018

Jacek Varky, TeePay – Using Trusted Execution Environments for Off-chain Payment, 2018

Ansgar Hoffrogge, Opportunities and Risk of Crypto-Tokens and ICOS – A Critical Analysis, 2018

Côme du Crest de Villeneuve, Evaluation of the Efficiency of different Architectures and Pathfinding Algorithms, 2018

Hendrik Amler, Evaluation of payment channel networks for micropayments, 2018

Tianlei Zhu, Atomic Cross-Chain Payments, 2019

Daniel Hitzel, On Consensus in Phantom, 2019

Betreute Bachelor-Arbeiten

Marius van der Wijden, Payment and State Channels in practice, August 2018 – Oktober 2018