Clara Paglialonga

Clara Paglialonga

After her master degree in Mathematics in 2015 from the University of Turin (Italy), Clara Paglialonga began her Ph.D. in “Applied Cryptography” at Ruhr-University-Bochum in 2016 and she has been continuing her studies in TU Darmstadt since 2018. Her research interests are provable security against physical attacks, with particular focus on masking schemes, private circuits and randomness optimization.

Curriculum Vitae

2009 – 2012 Study of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – University of Salento, Italy
2012 – 2015 Study of Master of Science in Mathematics – University of Turin, Italy
2016 – today Promotion in Applied Cryptography – Ruhr-University-Bochum and TU Darmstadt, Germany

Teaching Assistant


Tobias Schneider, Clara Paglialonga, Tobias Oder, Tim Güneysu: Efficiently Masking Binomial Sampling at Arbitrary Orders for Lattice-Based Crypto. PKC 2019

Josep Balasch, Sebastian Faust, Benedikt Gierlichs, Clara Paglialonga, François-Xavier Standaert: Consolidating Inner Product Masking. ASIACRYPT (1) 2017: 724-754

Sebastian Faust, Clara Paglialonga, Tobias Schneider: Amortizing Randomness Complexity in Private Circuits. ASIACRYPT (1) 2017: 781-810

Sebastian Faust, Vincent Grosso, Santos Merino Del Pozo, Clara Paglialonga, François-Xavier Standaert: Composable Masking Schemes in the Presence of Physical Defaults and the Robust Probing Model. IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive 2017: 711 (2017)