David Kretzler

David Kretzler

Bild: Daniela Fleckenstein / TU Darmstadt

Angewandte Kryptographie

Pankratiusstraße 2
64289 Darmstadt

Raum: S2|20 316

+49 6151 16-75264

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David Kretzler

After graduating from DHBW Karlsruhe in cooperation with the SEW-Eurodrive GmbH & Co KG in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in Business Informatics, David Kretzler began his master's degree in Computer Science at TU Darmstadt. In 2018, he started a parallel Master's degree in IT-Security. His Master studies in Computer Science were completed in May 2019 and in IT-Security in October 2019. David Kretzler has started his PhD at the Applied Cryptography Research Group at TU Darmstadt on October 1st, 2019. His research is currently focused on secure multi-party computation and blockchain technologies.

Curriculum Vitae

2013 – 2016 B.Sc. Business Informatics (DHBW Karlsruhe)
2016 – 2019 M.Sc Computer Science (TU Darmstadt)
2018 – 2019 M.Sc IT-Security (TU Darmstadt)
2019 – present PhD in Applied Cryptography (TU Darmstadt)