Kristina Hostakova

Kristina Hostakova

After she completed her master degree in Mathematics (Mathematical methods of information security) at Charles University in Prague in 2016, Kristina Hostakova started her PhD in Applied cryptography at Ruhr University Bochum. She has been continuing her studies at TU Darmstadt since November 2017. Her research interests include provable security of cryptographic protocols based on blockchain technology and the research area of non-malleable codes.

Curriculum Vitae

2010 – 2013 B.Sc. Mathematics (Charles University in Prague)
2013 – 2016 M.Sc. Mathematics (Charles University in Prague)
2016 – today PhD Applied Cryptography (Ruhr University Bochum and TU Darmstadt)

Teaching Assistant


Sebastian Faust, Kristina Hostáková, Pratyay Mukherjee, Daniele Venturi; Non-Malleable Codes for Space-Bounded Tampering. CRYPTO 2017

Stefan Dziembowski, Sebastian Faust, Kristina Hostakova: General State Channel Networks. ACM CCS 2018