• 25.09.2019

    New paper accepted at Asiacrypt 2019

    Congratulations to Sebastian Faust and co-authors for their paper „Simple Refreshing in the Noisy Leakage Model“ which has been accepted to Asiacrypt 2019, the 25th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security, to be held in Kobe, Japan on December 8-12, 2019.

  • 22.08.2019

    New paper accepted at CCS 2019

    Congratulations to Poulami Das, Sebastian Faust, Julian Loss for their paper „A Formal Treatment of Deterministic Wallets“, which has been accepted to the 26th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security to be held in London, United Kingdom from November 11 to November 15, 2019.

  • 25.07.2019

    Neue Förderung für innovative Ideen zum Schutz vor Cyber-Bedrohungen

    Darmstädter Gründungsprojekte werden mit rund 1,5 Mio. Euro gefördert

    Rechenstarke Computer und digitale Währungen sind Beispiele für neuartige Technologien, die innovative Sicherheitsmaßnahmen zum Schutz vor Cyber-Bedrohungen erfordern. Durch das neu ins Leben gerufene Förderprogramm „StartUpSecure“ des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) erhalten die ersten vielversprechenden Projekte nun Starthilfe bei der Umsetzung ihrer Gründungsideen. Der am Nationalen Forschungszentrum für angewandte Cybersicherheit CRISP angesiedelte Gründungsinkubator StartUpSecure begleitete sie auf dem Weg dorthin.

  • 11.06.2019

    New paper accepted on CRYPTO 2019

    Congratulations to Kristina Hostáková and her co-authors for getting their paper „Continuous Space-Bounded Non-Malleable Codes from Stronger Proofs-of-Space“ accepted at the conference CRYPTO 2019.

  • 18.02.2019

    FASTKITTEN: Practical Smart Contracts on Bitcoin" accepted to USENIX 2019

    Congratulations to Poulami Das, Lisa Eckey, Tommaso Frassetto, David Gens, Kristina Hostáková, Patrick Jauernig, Sebastian Faust and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi for getting their paper „FASTKITTEN:Practical Smart Contracts on Bitcoin“ accepted to the 28th USENIX Security Symposium. The work on this paper was done as part of the CROSSING collaboration between projects P3 and S7.

  • 31.01.2019

    Papers „Multiparty Virtual State Channels“ at Eurocrypt

    Congratulation to Stefan Dziembowski, Lisa Eckey, Sebastian Faust, Julia Hesse and Kristina Hostáková for their paper „Multiparty Virtual State Channels“, which has been accepted at the 38th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques (Eurocrypt) conference here in Darmstadt.

  • 08.01.2019

    New paper accepted at PKC 2019

    Congratulation to Clara Paglialonga and her co-authors for getting accepted their paper „Efficiently Masking Binomial Sampling at Arbitrary Orders for Lattice-Based Crypto“ at PKC conference.