Advanced Data Management (ADMS)

Advanced Data Management Systems (ADMS)

This is an advanced course about the design of modern data management systems which has a heavy emphasis on system design and internals. Sample topics include modern hardware for data management, main memory optimisations, parallel and approximate query processing, etc.

The course expects the reading of research papers (SIGMOD, VLDB, etc.) for each class. Programming projects will implement concepts discussed in selected papers. The final grade will be based on the results of the programming projects as well as written quizzes during the course of the lecture.

In line with the current regulations, this course will be held in-person. However, due to the evolving COVID-19-situation, the format of the teaching activities is subject to change. Please follow the links to Moodle, where we will communicate any relevant format change.


Last offered Summer Semester 2022
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Carsten Binnig
Assistants Matthias Jasny, Nils Boeschen
Exam Graded programming projects and written quizzes during the course of the lecture
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