Scalable Data Management (SDM)

Scalable Data Management Systems (SDMS)

This course introduces the fundamental concepts and computational paradigms of scalable data management systems. The focus of this course is on the systems-oriented aspects and internals of such systems for storing, updating, querying, and analyzing large datasets.

We will employ a hybrid teaching setup for this course in the winter term 2021. Lectures will be given partially on-site with the possibility to attend in-person, or some lectures will be online-only. In both cases, a recording of the lecture will be available. The schedule of when we have in-person lectures and when we have online-only lectures will be discussed in the intro-lecture and be available in Moodle (see below). The intro-lecture will be online-only. Please follow the links to Moodle.


Last offered Winter Semester (21/22)
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Carsten Binnig
Assistants Lasse Thostrup, Nils Boeschen
Exam Graded programming projects & 60min written exam
See TUCaN link above for additional information (e.g., rooms & appointments)