We regularly offer a number of Bachelors and Masters-level classes in data management, as well as classes from the introductory computer science curriculum. Additionally we offer various research-oriented seminars and practical labs also in cooperation with other groups.

Abbreviations for course and seminar types followed by #credit points:

IC = Integrated Course, S = Seminar, OS = Oberseminar


Name Module Typ Turnus
Scalable Data Management 20-00-1017-iv IC6 Winter
Advanced Data Management Systems 20-00-1039-iv IC6 Summer
Information Management 20-00-0015-iv IC6 Summer


Name Module Type Turnus
Extended Seminar Machine Learning and Data Mining 20-00-1003-se S2 Winter
Extended Seminar Systems and Machine 20-00-1057-se S3 Winter


Name Module Type Turnus
Data Management – Lab 20-00-1041-pr Lab Summer
Data Management – Extended Lab 20-00-1042-pp Project Lab Summer