State of Alternative Authentication Research in Scotland Guest Talk

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Startdatum:05. Februar 2015
Startzeit:11:00 Uhr
Stoppzeit:12:00 Uhr
Veranstalter:Prof. Melanie Volkamer
Referent:Joseph Maguire (University of Glasgow)
Ort:S2 02|B002

*Abstract:* Research into graphical authentication has yet to be meaningfully transferred into industry. This is the case globally, but is concerning in Scotland as considerable research into the area has been published and presented by academics in SICSA universities (e.g. University of Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian University, Napier University). The lack of knowledge transfer is particularly perplexing given the interest of industry in improving digital security.
There are several explanations for the lack of progress, but a prominent issue is the inconsistency in reporting scientific data pertaining to graphical authentication. There is no framework for the reporting of field investigations into graphical authentication solutions. This situation not only hinders knowledge transfer into industry but the progress of research into alternative authentication solutions. Industry and researchers require metrics and strong qualitative data to utilise and progress research in the area. Consequently, the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) has provided financial support for a research exchange for me to visit and work with Prof. Melanie Volkamer. The primary aim of the proposed exchange is to develop a field evaluation framework for graphical authentication solutions to ensure consistent reporting of scientific data. The Center for Advanced Security Research at Technische Universität Darmstadt has an established track record of transferring knowledge into industry. Notably, Prof. Melanie Volkamer from the Technische Universität Darmstadt, along with Dr Karen Renaud and myself at the University of Glasgow have collaborated and made progress in transferring knowledge of graphical authentication research into industry.


This talk will be held in English


*Speaker's Bio:* Dr. Joseph Maguire is a researcher in useable security with focus on field investigations and coordinator of the Software Engineering and Information Security research group in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. Recently graduated from the University of Glasgow with a Ph.D. in computing Science, fully-funded through a highly-sought after College of Science Scholarship. This was awarded in recognition of obtaining a First Class Master in Science with award for strongest performance. Previously, Dr. Joseph Maguire has received a Chancellor's Award of approximately £32,000 to support a 12-month research position into the use of technology in learning development.

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