From Train Station

Reaching us From the Darmstadt Train Station

  1. Taxi: The fastest way is to take a cab [3-5 mins, ~7-10 Euors]. There are usually a multitude of taxis waiting outside of the train station (on the right side if you come straight from the tracks). Ask for “Hochschulstrasse” and the driver should drop you roughly at the entrance to the garden, in the middle of the Campus area. The white building facing the garden is the CS department. You do not actually have to enter the garden to reach us, but if it helps you, our building is the _only_ building with an entrance from the garden!
  2. Tram: All trams leave right in front of the train station (upon getting up from the platform take left exit). It take 5-7 mins to reach to city center. The choices are:
    • Tram 5 towards “Kranichstein” and get off at “Willy-Brandt-Platz” (see details below)
    • Tram 2 towards “Böllenfalltor” and get off at “Luisenplatz (City Center – see details below)
    • Tram 3 towards ”Lichtenbergschule“ and get off at ”Luisenplatz“

Note: The walk from Willy-Brandt-Platz to the department is a wee bit shorter than from Luisenplatz. Both are under 5 minutes walking.

  • From Willy-Brandt-Platz: (~150m, 5-6 mins walk) Cross the street towards the shops and then go left on the street where you see the Hairdresser/Pharmacy(Apotheke). Either way, in about 100m or so, you will enter the big park called ”Herrngarten“. We are located inside the garden as the sole big white building. This map shows the city centre, with the train station on the left and the university on the right. It is quite possible to walk the whole distance from the train station, should take about 25 minutes walking along Rheinstrasse to Lusienplatz
  • From Luisenplatz (City Center): (~200m, 5-8 mins walk) The city center is identifiable by the tall pillar in the middle and is also the tram hub of the city. Head towards the pink-ish building (the castle). Bear left and you will see the big off-white colored ”Hessiches Landesmuseum“ building across the street, where you also start seeing the TUD administration building tower (grey high-rise) on its right. Cross the road, walk past the Museum and then behind it to get into the Herrngarten and bear right inside. The large white-ish building facing the garden (on the right hand side looking from the museum) is the CS Piloty Building. Actually, the Piloty building is the only building with an entrance from the garden, so it should be easy to find. Inside, we're on the 2nd Floor, E wing within the E-shaped building!

There are also buses that will take you to ”Willy-Brandt-Platz“ or Luisenplatz and most of them stop in front of the train station, but do check the time table to make sure you get on the right bus! Buses K, F and H will take you there at least. But again, beware of the right direction! The trams leave often enough, so take the tram instead!

Buying Tram/Bus Tickets

There is a unified system for buying tickets for trams and buses. Each stop has a ticket machine. Press the button labeled ”Darmstadt Mitte“, and pay the fare (currently 2.10 EUR, but this changes…) in coins. The ticket is valid for one ride inside the city centre. You can also buy daily tickets etc, by pressing ”Tageskarte“ after pressing your destination (Darmstadt Mitte). There is no ”stamping" of tickets when entering a tram or bus though ticket controls do happen occasionally!