From Frankfurt Airport

Reaching us from Frankfurt Airport

Three easy options exists.

  1. Taxi: TU Darmstadt is about a 20 min drive from Frankfurt Airport. The fare is ~40 Euros. See taxi instructions in the train section.
  2. Airport Shuttle: The fare is ~7 Euros and the bus drops you first at the Darmstadt train station (easy hop to the department by tram, bus or taxi), then at Luisenplatz (city center area within ~5min walking distance to the dept) and finally at the Darmstadium (which is almost inside the campus opposite the campus's Welcome Hotel). Typically the Shuttle leaves the airport/Darmstadium every 30 mins. The airport starting stop is at Terminal 1, Bus Stop #14 opposite the Terminal 1B arrivals area. One can also board at Terminal 2. See Airliner Schedule for details.
    Note: If you use the airport shuttle, the bus ticket is also valid towards one tram/bus connection inside Darmstadt. You do not have to buy another ticket to get to the University!! Also, you can buy the shuttle ticket for going back to the airport right at any tram stop. Press the button “Airliner” and off you go…
  1. Train: Frankfurt Airport has two internal train stations in Terminal 1: one for long distance trains (located across the overhead walkway), and for local trains (one level below the Terminal 1 arrivals area). Both have connections to Darmstadt – direct and via Frankfurt. It is best to check at the train information counter/screens for the connections or at