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We research algorithmic, OS and system level issues in providing dependable & secure services for safety-critical, service critical and $-critical systems and software.

  • Our target area is software, OS’s and distributed/networked Cloud systems, i.e., the elements behind robust/dependable/secure/safe/trusted computing.
  • We explore both theoretical and experimental issues. As an example, we develop theories for vulnerability profiling of errors/attacks in software/OS's. On the experimental side we explore effective and efficient “testing” of distributed SW and OS's. We explore fault injection techniques for robustness validation, security testing and also the application of symbolic execution and formal model checking for the verification of software/OS’s.
  • We also explore the “Quantification of Trust” where we develop Security Metrics for Cloud Services, Security Service Level Agreements, and conceptual + tools frameworks for CSP Security comparisons, Security Monitoring/Negotiation and also the exploration of side channel attacks in Cloud Virtual Machine

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