Imposed conditions/conditional acceptance

If you are conditionally accepted, usually there are one or more imposed conditions, i.e., courses you have to pass before you are able to start your regular studies. These courses have to be completed in 2 semesters and you have 2 attempts for each course (as it should be stated in your application confirmation letter).

Please note that some of the courses may only be available in german language as these are undergraduate courses. In these cases you do not have to follow the lecture and write the (german) exam (however, if your german is good enough please do so), but you can contact the docent directly (for a list of them see below). If the written exam is only available in german language, you can make an appointment for an oral exam (please note that the written ones are on regular dates, i.e., see the webpage). If the slides and the written exam is in german, the content that is needed to pass the english oral exam will be taken from one or more textbooks or papers that are available in english. Please note that some of them in a while might also be accessible as a copy (ask Ervina Cergani or the Mentors for a status update).

Please note that it is possible to get exempted from imposed conditions, if you have already absolved sufficiently equivalent courses during your previous studies. The person to discuss this matter with is Tim Neubacher. Please also note that your request can only be processed, if you provide us with information about the previously absolved courses from which the equivalency can be clearly seen (e.g., stating the topics covered by the respective courses). The provided information has to be in german or english (a link to a web page of your previous university will be sufficient). Any translation has to be officially signed, a translation of your own is not acceptable.


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