When can I go abroad?

The optimal time to have your exchange depends on your personal study plan. During your exchange you are able to include academic achievements in the following areas:

  • the category of elective courses of the Bachelor Computer Science
  • the Master Computer Science
  • the Application Subject of the Master Computer Science

A Bachelor or Master thesis cannot be included in your studies. Note that there is the possibility to conduct your thesis during your exchange given that a professor from the TU Darmstadt is the supervisor of the thesis.

During your Bachelor an exchange is only possible in the third year of your studies and usually via the Erasmus-program (which covers Europe).

Exchange possibilities for winter term 16/17 and summer term 2017

A list of all available places in exchange programs for the academic year 2016 can be found here. The places are valid for the winter term 2016/17 and the summer term 2017. Please note that they may subject to change and will be fixed during the application phase.

Exchange programs

Information about the different exchange programs as well as the partner universities are given by the International & External Affairs Office.

Note: Most of the information is available only in German.

Please also note that in moveonline universities are listed where a direct application via the Department of Computer Science is possible (marked with a note Fachbereich Informatik). However, there are also universities where all students from all departments of the university can apply (marked with a note Alle Fachbereiche). Clearly, the exchange places of the latter are utilized more than those where a direct application is possible only for one or two departments. In particular for all of the special programs (e.g., the Hessen-Massachusetts-program) or the free mover option the Department of Computer Science is not responsible.

Departmental Coordinator for International Affairs (Professor)

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Stefan Roth, Ph.D.

S2|02 A304
Hochschulstraße 10
64289 Darmstadt

+49 6151 16-21425


Departmental Coordinator for International Affairs

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Dipl.-Inform. Tim Neubacher

S2|02 D115
Hochschulstraße 10
64289 Darmstadt

+49 6151 16-25518


Abroad office hour

given by Michael Rodenberg

Tuesday 14:00 – 15:00

S2|02 D115

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