Reports of exchange students

These pages provide a summary of reports of students who are already finished with their exchange. Note that these reports are copied from the pages of the International & External Affairs Office. A complete list can be found via the MoveOnline-system (ERASMUS or Asia, Africa, Central and South America or USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand).

We are updating these pages regularly, but, however, brand-new reports may be missing. The main purpose of these pages is to provide a convenient summary of all reports of computer science students.

Also, you are very much encouraged to upload your own report once you have returned. We appreciate each new one. Reports can be uploaded here.

Note that all of the reports are in German.


Reports Double Degree

France, Lyon: Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Christian Merfels, 2010/11, pdf 1,1 MB
Thomas Abbé, 2003/04, pdf 150 KB

France, Sophia-Antipolis: Institut Eurecom

Sylvia Grewe, 2010/11, pdf 301 KB
Tobias Lauinger, 2008/09, pdf 132 KB

Reports Europa (ERASMUS)

Finland, Espoo: Aalto-yliopisto

Tsvetoslava Vateva, 2009/10, pdf 106 KB

Finland, University of Helsinki

Andreas Kuschel, 2005/06, pdf 29 KB
Martin Ehmke, 2004/05, pdf 62 KB
Martin Ehmke, 2004/05, pdf 62 KB
Andre Schumacher, 2003/04, pdf 71 KB
Torsten Luh, 2003/04, pdf 69 KB
Ulrich Steinhoff, 2002/03, pdf 70 KB

France, Bordeaux: Université de Bordeaux I

Henner Jakob, 2003/04, doc 36 KB
András Fehér, 2002/03, doc 60 KB
Udo Jung, 2000/01, doc 38 KB

France, Grenoble: Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble

Barbara Zöller, 2011/12, pdf 749 KB
Jan Huthmann, 2005/06, pdf 83 KB

France, Lyon: Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Maite Damme, 2005/06, doc 325 KB

France, Paris: Institute Supérieur d'Électronique de Paris (ISEP)

Patrick Metzler, 2011/12, pdf 106 KB

France, Toulouse: Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse

Christian Bang, 2001/02, doc 161 KB
Jonathan Hayes, 2001/02, pdf 291 KB

Italy, Rom: Università degli studi di Roma "La Sapienza"

Laura Altmüller, 2007/08, pdf 427 KB

Italy, Turin: Politecnico di Torino

Claudia Bengart, 2005/06, pdf 344 KB

Portugal, Lissabon: Universidade Ténica de Lisboa

Lavong Soysavanh, 2008/09, pdf 68 KB

Sweden, Skövde: University College of Skövde

Jens Auer, 2003/04, doc 1,8 MB
Thomas Fischer, 2000/01, pdf 497 KB
Ralf Laue, 2000/01, doc 29 KB

Sweden, Stockholm: Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Jan Schejbal, 2010/11, pdf 399 KB

Switzerland, Lausanne: École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Benjamin Milde, 2010/11, pdf 886 KB
Sebastian Schmidt, 2009/10, pdf 337 KB

Spain, Barcelona: Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya (FIB)

Paul Klobuszenski, 2010/11, pdf 216 KB

Spain, Bilbao: Universidad del Pais Vasco

Patrick Hock, 2011/12, pdf 96 KB

Spain, Granada: Universidad de Granada

Henrik Schröder, 2010/11, pdf 50 KB

Spain, Madrid: Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Anne-Christine Karpf, 2010/11, pdf 79 KB
Denise Demirel, 2008/09, pdf 75 KB
Michael Linke, 2004/05, doc 31 KB

Spain, Madrid: Universidad Pontificia de Comillas

Sebastian Schneider, 2005/06, pdf 66 KB

Spain, Valencia: Universidad de Valencia

Björn Wild, 2011/12, pdf 91 KB
Dimitar Nikolov, 2009/10, pdf 165 KB
Mara Katarina Wilke, 2004/05, doc 44 KB
Tobias Hennchen, 2003/04, doc 37 KB
Hamid Reza Soleymani Zarajabad, 2003/04, doc 40 KB

Reports Asia, Africa, Central- and South America


Singapore, Singapore: Nanyang Technological University

Jan Sima, 2005/06, doc 53 KB
Markus Schnös (Computational Engineering), 2010/11, pdf 275 KB
Peter Heise (Informationssystemtechnik), 2011/12, pdf 1,8 MB

South America

Argentina, Córdoba: Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Tomislav Hasan (Informationssystemtechnik), 2011/12, pdf 214 KB

Reports USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand

Canada, Vancouver: University of British Columbia

Sebastian Koch, 2009/10, pdf 2,0 MB

Australia, Brisbane: Queensland University of Technology

Raissa Sachs, 2009/10, pdf 1,9 MB
Jan Weinert, 2007/08, pdf 112 KB
Jennifer Claudio, 2006/07, pdf 1,4 MB

Departmental Coordinator for International Affairs (Professor)

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Departmental Coordinator for International Affairs

Technische Universität Darmstadt

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