Mobility for docents

In the scope of the ERASMUS-program there is the possibility to go to one of the partner universities of the TU Darmstadt to do short-term teaching (for instance a lecture, a seminar, etc.). The ERASMUS-program is only valid for european universities so that the mobility for docents is only possible in Europe.

The program for example includes:

  • travel expenses (flight or train costs)
  • costs for local public transport
  • accomodation costs
  • costs for staying there up to the maximum possible payment in the EU, scaled by target countries
  • a sum not above EUR 800 per person and week or a maximum of EUR 2000 in total

The application deadline for 2013 was:

  • 2012-12-31

Additional information can be found here or on the flyer from 11/2013 (in German language only).

You may also contact Mrs. Mohr-Bimmel for arranging an appointment. She is responsible for mobility for docents at the International & External Relations Office.

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