Research scholarships for young PhDs (Post-Doc programm) (DAAD)

This scholarship of the DAAD is meant for exceptionally qualified young german researchers. It lasts for three to 24 months.

The following costs can are included:

  • monthly basic fee: EUR 1365 for scholars up to 30 years and EUR 1416 for scholars older than 31 years
  • additional fee based on the country (for instance Bostson, USA EUR 1173 for singles and EUR 1632 for married persons per month
  • for each child in the Boston, USA example EUR 209 per month
  • eventually even the travel costs for an accompanying person can be paid
  • and some more expenses (see the webpage - in German language only)

The application deadlines are:

  • Application Deadline: November, 15th

    • decision: in February
    • start of scholarship at the earliest: April, 1st

  • Application Deadline: March, 15th

    • decision: in June
    • start of scholarship at the earliest: August, 1st

  • Application Deadline: June, 15th

    • decision: in October
    • start of scholarship at the earliest: December, 1st

Additional information can be found here (in German language only).

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