Karin Wolff visits UKP Lab

Karin Wolff, former vice-president and former minister of the federal state of Hesse (Germany), visited the UKP Lab on 31 March 2017. Ms. Wolff, Prof. Iryna Gurevych and other UKP researchers discussed their current work in the field of argumentation mining and intelligent information extraction.

The topics included:  

- Automatic extraction of arguments from textual data.  

- Detection and filtering of fake news.  

- "Argotario": a serious game for fallacy detection and argumentation competence training.  

- IBM Watson: intelligent information search in the social web using deep learning.  

- Discovering cultural heritage: a case study of ancient oriental culture.  

- "BrightFutures" -- Artificial Intelligence helps to develop future scenarios.

Ms. Wolff also attended "Adventures in Data Journalism", a Workshop aiming at promoting computer science and equality in school education.

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