Looking for Orientation? - Try our Online Self Assessment (OSA)

What does Online Self-Assessment (OSA) mean and what is it for?

Online Self-Assessment is an internet based service for academic study orientation. It provides a mix of questionnaires, assignments and information on a degree course. The aim is to offer help with choosing a field of study. By means of the OSA, it is possible to compare your own skills and interests with the requirements and frame conditions of your favoured degree course. The OSA helps to find out if a particular degree course is the right choice for you and if you have a realistic idea of it. A well-made choice regarding your course of studies is a good fundament for your satisfaction and success.

Online Self-Assessment Master Distributed Software Systems (MDSS)

We have a Departmental Students` Representative Committee that is very much committed to help motivated students, who are interested in studying Computer Science at our department. The Students Council offers various programs that aim to provide you with substantial information of our university in general and the Department of Computer Science in particular.

More on this (in German): www.d120.de/de/studieninteressierte/

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