Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Here are the most importend questions with its answers and possibly some links to further information.

Where can I get written documents and informative material about the options available for studying computer science?

You’ll find the relevant documents at the site called “Studies” (currently only available in German).

Who is my first contact person?

For general questions please contact the office of the central advisory service (“Zentrale Studienberatung“). This office also supports the organization of HoBIT, HIT, studieren konkret and trial enrollment. If you need specific information concerning the study of computer science itself, please contact one of our specialized studies advisors.

Where do I apply for admission?

Please apply directly to Technical University Darmstadt. All necessary information is available on the TUD homepage via the link “for prospective students”.

How do I apply for the course of studies master of Computer Science?

Thank you for your interest in our program. Our course of studies has been ranked amongst the top three by German industry for several years, now. In order to improve our quality - an important criterion for you - we take care to accept only outstanding students. Therefore, every application is screened by a committee. Assessment takes place in two stages: In a first step, the University ( checks whether you meet the formal entry requirements, and in particular, whether your Bachelor's degree is equivalent to a German one. If all the formal requirements have been met, the second step is undertaken: The Master's Degree Committee reviews your qualifications. This means that you have to include the following information with your application.

  1. Certificate of german foreign language (Goethe Institute), UNIcert Level II or its equivalent. This is necessary because most of the lectures are in German; only a few are taught in English.
  2. Proof that you have taken the GRE test for Computer Science (
  3. An official document from your University which documents your rank in your class (if possible)

Applications should not be sent to the Faculty of Computer Science but directly to the Universitys Foreign Students Office (, which offers all the additional information.

What computing equipment does the Department have?

 The ISP-Group organizes and supports several workstation pools. Furthermore, all research groups are equipped with state of the art computing facilities.

Is there a library in the department of computer science?

Of course! Some of the working groups and research teams and institutions also have smaller specialized libraries.

How do I find and apply for a topic for a diploma thesis or find a job as a student research assistant?

All topics are intimately related to the department members’ research interests. Current theses as well as job offers are frequently published on the black board or on their websites. If you have your own ideas for your work please discuss them with the professor whose courses and research interests are most closely related to your ideas.

What is the departmental student representative (Fachschaft), what does it do and where do I find it?

More about it on the website of Fachschaft

Which courses are offered?

All the courses offered this semester is given on the list of lectures published by the TU Darmstadt. For further information please contact the professors and the research groups.

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