Area of Research: IT Security

Research in the area of IT-Security is dedicated to central issues of cybersecurity and privacy protection and is structured along the three closely intertwined research lines “fundamental building blocks, “security architectures, and“construction methods.

Cryptography, methods for the assessment of trust, and techniques for the verification of security guarantees or secure hardware components are part of the fundamental building blocks. A particularly prominent example is the foundational research in the area of cryptographic methods, which are central to the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) CROSSING (Cryptography-Based Security Solutions: Enabling Trust in New and Next Generation Computing Environments), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

These fundamental building blocks provide the foundation for the department’s research in security architectures, which are realized in software and hardware and allow for a systematic protection of the complex applications and services of today’s and tomorrow’s cyber world. Some of the research areas here are cloud security, the security of mobile and cyber-physical systems, the security of the internet and critical infrastructures, and secure software systems. One example for the research in secure mobile systems is the LOEWE Project NICER (Networked Infrastructureless Cooperation for Emergency Response), funded by the State of Hesse, which aims at increasing the performance ability of infrastructureless communication for the long term.  Another example is the DFG-funded Research Training Group (RTG) “Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users", which studies privacy and trust in network services and sensor-augmented environments.

Construction methods support the development of such security architectures, for example through methods that detect and prevent weaknesses in software development, or through methods that consider the requirements of the users in the development process. One such research approach is “security-by-design,” which has long been established in our department, as evidenced by the collaborative research projects "CASED" (Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt, 2008 - 2016) and “EC SPRIDE” (European Center for Security and Privacy by Design, 2011-2015) that are continued within CRISP - Center for Research in Security and Privacy since 2015.

Cybersecurity research within our department is interdisciplinary. Our researchers cooperate with researchers from other departments, for example with physicists in the area of quantum cryptography or with psychologists in the area of usability research. The IT security experts of the department significantly strengthen the profile area “CYSEC – Cybersecurity [at] TU Darmstadt", one of six profile areas that define the research profile of TU Darmstadt. 

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