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Students meet Industry: IoT-Sicherheit in der Praxis (Lufthansa Industry Solutions)
Am 21. November 2017 startet die neue CYSEC-Vortragsserie zu den Herausforderungen in der angewandten IT-Sicherheit. Für den ersten Vortrag konnten wir Timo Thräm von Lufthansa Industry Solutions...

Kolloquium - Vision for Mobile Systems: From Saliency to Object Discovery
The amount of digital images in our daily live has grown exponentially during the last years, cameras are low-cost sensors which are present everywhere, and billions of images are daily shared on...

DLS in Cybersecurity: Grand Research Challenges for Cybersecurity of Critical Information and Infrastructures
Computing and communications infrastructures have become commodities which societies largely depend on, transacting huge quantities of data and exhibiting pervasive interconnections, sometimes in...

MAKI DLS: „QUIC – A New Internet Transport“
QUIC is a new UDP-based transport protocol for the Internet, and specifically, the web. Originally designed an deployed by Google, it already makes up 35% of Google's egress traffic, which...

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