Questions regarding the bachelor of science program

I have already absolved lectures from a different university. Where and how can I get these recognised?

Responsible for the recognition of academic achievments is Dr. Brandt. Please contact her regarding further information or an appointment.

Do I have to submit an examination plan for the bachelor program in computer science?

Since the winter term 2012/13 submitting an examination plan for the bachelor program is no longer required. It is still recommended to use the examination plan tool for planning the studies.

More Information about the examination plans (presently in german only)

Do I have to pass exams in the fields of mandatory choice?

It is possible, since October 2015, to remove one open (not passed) exam (Fachprüfung) from each field of mandatory choice before the third attempt. Under specific circumstances, it might be possible to remove a second one. For further information please contact the student advisory service of the department.

In the fields of course-related achievments (Studienleistungen) it is possible to remove an arbitrary number of exams (before the third attempt).

If you unregister in a proper way from a first attempt or if you submit the documents for a valid excuse in time, you do not have to take the exam again.

Is it possible to write my thesis in an external company?

In principle, yes. More information about the basic conditions can be found in the handout for external theses(presently in German only).

Is it possible to pre-draw lectures for the master program?

Yes. Corresponding to the general implementation terms this is possible for lectures up to 30 credit points.

Do I have to pass pre-drawn lectures?

Pre-drawn lectures have to be transfered to the master program and therefore basically have to be passed in the master program at the latest. In this case the same conditions are valid as for the lectures in the fields of mandatory choice.

How can I register pre-drawn lectures?

The pre-drawn lectures have to be registered in TUCaN in an own designated area.

What do I have to consider regarding the transition to the master program?

An application for the transition has to be handed in at the Studierendensekretariat or the Department for International Affairs within the given deadline. Please apply to the right contact person regarding further questions about the transition process, e.g. the exact deadlines or the necessary documents.

Student Advisory Service

S2|02 Piloty Building
Hochschulstraße 10

Dipl.-Inform. Tim Neubacher 
Room D115
Dr.-Ing. Guido Rößling 
Room A125 


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