FAQs for Applicants from Abroad

Which language do the courses have that are conditional for my Master studies at TU Darmstadt?

For detailed information about imposed conditions, see this page.

How can I get the CP (ECTS) of a course?

The CPs are available in TUCaN. There you will find "Hours per week". To convert Hours per week to CP you have to compute the following: CP = Hours per week * 1.5 (rounded up). Please note that in a few cases this conversion is not valid but for most courses it works. As an example assuming the course has 5 Hours per week, the CPs are computed by: 5 Hours per week * 1.5 = 7.5 -> 8 CP.

Can I submit my application before getting my English language certificate?

No. Note that you may proceed the online application but once you are sending the documents they have to be complete.

When do I get the admission letter?

You get an admission letter only in case you are admitted to attend the study program that you have applied for. The Department for International Affairs is responsible for sending the admission letter to the admitted students.

Generally it takes 1 to 3 weeks to get an admission letter in hand by post, but in case of prolonged delay contact the Department for International Affairs office in the university.

What is a language placement test?

Usually a test is conducted that decides how good are you in the language. This is necessary to assign you to the right course level.

How to enroll in the language classes?

To enroll in the language courses, please contact the Sprachenzentrum.

What are the prospects of the Distributed Software Systems Master, and which market needs do they target?

The Distributed Software Systems Master was designed with the needs of internationally renowned companies and research institutions. Among these companies are SAP, Software AG, and Adtech to name just a few. 

What are the prospects for me, as an international student, after completing the study program?

Students with a master degree in DSS, usually have no problem at all in getting a very good job in the respective domain. Additionally there is currently a strong shortage of qualified personnel here in Germany, which open up possibilities for staying in Germany after getting the degree. 

What are the restrictions on admissions?

We have no admission quotas or other formal restrictions on admission. However, your degree needs to be sufficiently equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from TU Darmstadt. Each case will be evaluated individually.

How can I finance my studies?

For example the DAAD offers many scholarships for the international students studying in Germany.

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