Computer Science at the TU Darmstadt

Computer Science is the most modern form of problem solving where new ideas are developed and implemented. In research as well as development, information technology is more and more present, for example, in the area of automotive applications or mechanical engineering, in finance, or in biomedicine as well as medicine in general. One can say that in more or less all aspects of life information technology has become inevitable.

Computer Science at the TU Darmstadt is research-oriented and therefore offers graduates a very good perspective for a variety of exciting professional positions whether they reside in the area of research and development or in Consulting and Management. Some of the areas are listed below:

  • Autonomous Systems: That robots ease human life becomes reality more and more. The last years have shown a huge number of breakthroughs and one can be sure that in upcoming years more will follow.
  • Distributed Software Systems: Germany is the number one development site for business software. Companies today are organized via distributed software systems covering Workflow-Management-System as well as flow control in factories or for transport purposes.
  • Internet- and Web-based Systems: Besides the science of computers the science of Information networks has been established over the last years. Information networks are as important as Computer Science itself. Future challenges are the organisation of open heterogeneous networks as well as the automatic comprehension of web content.
  • IT-Security: IT-Security already is a central topic in IT-econcomics, however, the future will show its universal presence when mobile devices, goods, and even cars are communicating in open networks that are subject to threats.
  • Visual Computing: Virtual and augmented reality have become more and more suitable for daily purposes and open a variety of different development perspectives. The automated analysis of images, e.g., may significantly enhance traffic security or security against terroristic threats.

Students of Computer Science at the TU Darmstadt can choose courses out of eight different study and research areas. Hereby, not only theoretical aspects are covered but also technical and practical issues of the six areas are of interest.

  • IT Security
  • Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
  • Robotics, Computational and Computer Engineering
  • Software Systems and Formal Methods
  • Visual & Interactive Computing
  • Web, Knowledge- and Informationprocessing

Student Advisory Service

S2|02 Piloty Building, Hochschulstraße 10

Dipl.-Inform. Tim Neubacher 
Room D115
Dr.-Ing. Guido Rößling 
Room A125 



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