Assignment of Courses

Please bear in mind the Assignment of Courses of each examination subject. These assignments are mandatory.

Side Subjects

Side Subjects Catalogue

Side Subjects Catalogue

Side Subjects Catalogue of the department 18

Due to amandments in the Courses offered by the department 18 not all subjects belonging to the Side Subject Catalogue of the department 18 are listed and selectable. Should uncertainities arise, please agree upon your desired combination of subjects with Mr. Haun of the service centre of the department 18.

Individually chosen Side Subject

Further Side Subjects are eligible on application. Concerning this the following regulations apply:

40% of the Attended Courses have to be allocatable to the basic studies and 60% of them to the main studies.

  • Determine a chief examiner for the side subject, who is prepared to acknowledge your curriculum.
  • The side subject must not include any computer science.
  • Agree on your curriculum with the examination office of the department 20 before visting the courses.

Student Advisory Service

S2|02 Piloty Building, Hochschulstraße 10

Dipl.-Inform. Tim Neubacher 
Room D115
Dr.-Ing. Guido Rößling 
Room A125 



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