Questions regarding Application Subjects

Is it possible to create a new Application Subject?

Yes, this is possible. Unfortunately, you cannot study an individual Application Subject, but you can suggest a new Application Subject. Once it is clear that everything is OK with the new suggestion the Application Subject is added to the catalogue and then can be studied.

You should consider the following suggestions:

  • The Application Subject has to have a maximum of 50% of computer science courses.
  • There should be a red thread, a random combination of courses is not possible.
  • The Application Subject has to have a contact person.
  • Please keep in mind that it usually takes some time to finish the new Application Subject.
  • There should be a reason to include the new Application Subject.

Please use existing Application Subjects as an orientation. As mentioned above a simple list of independent courses is not enough.

If you have a solid suggestion please contact Dr. Wolfgang Heenesanwendungsfach(a-t)

Is it possible to change my Application Subject?

You may change the Application Subject exactly one during your Master study program. The validation of the coice of your Application Subject is given by the point in time your first exam is taken. As long as you have not participated in an exam, you are able to change the Application Subject in TUCaN as often as you want. But note that once you have finished your first exam in the Application Subject you have made a binding choice that can then be changed only once.

Note that previously accomplished academic achievements do not expire. But either you use all previous academic achievements (including courses you have started but not completed yet) or no academic achievement in the new Application Subject. In either case please inform us via mail. If you have any other problems e.g., resulting from older regulation, please also contact us. Note that only equivalent academic achievements can be used.

To perform a change of your Application Subject please write a letter and bring it to the Examination Office. Note that only changing you Application Subject in TUCaN is not sufficient.

How can I study courses of the Application Subject in my Bachelor (preponed Master courses)?

You have to register these courses in TUCaN via "Leistungen für den Masterstudiengang -> Module im Anwendungsfach". Please note that you have to inform the Examination Office once you have selected your Application Subject in your Master study program so that your academic achievements can be assigned correctly. A Examination Plan is not necessary.

If you like to include courses that are present in more than one Application Subjects, you have to inform us which Application Subject you like to study. Please write an Email with your choice to Dr. Wolfgang Heenes.

If a course is not listed in TUCaN please inform Dr. Wolfgang Heenes.

Do I have to register my Application Subject

You have to register your Application Subject only when you wish to take courses and it is not clear to which Application Subject they belong.

Please note that you have to register your Application Subject in the Examination Plan.

Please also note that you have registered your Application Subject with the first course you are writing an exam in.

Formulars having different information are not valid.

Is it possible to use academic achievements from the Bachelor in my Application Subject?

No, in general academic achievements from the Bachelor never can be used again in the Master. 
If the category of required courses is affected because you have already achieved these courses during your Bachelor, please write an email to the contact person of the Application Subject. Note that you have to inform Wolfgang Heenes as well as the change has to be recorded.
In general we would argue that it makes more sense to choose an Application Subject that has nothing to do with your Bachelor study program.

Is it possible to include academic achievements without a grade?

No, this is not possible as only graded academic achievements can be included in the Application Subject. Please note that when usually no grade is given you have to clarify in advance how a grade can be given for you. If this is not possible for whatever reasons please contact Dr. Wolfgang Heenes.

Do I have to select my Application subject in TUCaN?

Yes, you have to. Please navigate to "My Elective Subjects" and select your Application Subject there. Only after you have completed the selection, you will be able to see the courses that are available in this Application Subject in the current semester (a complete list of all courses can be found in the study plans) and to register the courses correctly. Please note that this selection is not binding as your Application Subject counts as registered only then when the first exam was taken. Then, you may only change it once during your Master studies.

What is special about exams at department 1?

Please note that most of the exams at department 1 are combined exams. To participate you have to register for the combined module which usually comprises 2 courses. These courses may be held in the same semester but may also take place in different semesters (please keep this in mind when you plan your Application Subject). In the end you will have the combined exam about the content of both courses. Detailed information can be found in the study plans.

Exams for a single course can not be written, except for the few single courses that are present in the study plans.

What should I do when I have failed an exam the second time in my Application Subject?

Please make an appointment with Wolfgang Heenes immediately before your third (and final) try. This is necessary to get advice and to see how we can handle this situation.

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