General Information

The Department of Computer Science offers the subsequent specialised Master degree programmes:

The specialised master degree programmes, like the Bachelor and Master in Computer Science, can also be studied as part-time course.

If you would like to have information on key study fields and specific courses please contact our coordinators. Please refer to the Department of Computer Science's Student Advisory Service concerning study regulations. (e.g. Master programme admission or recognition of courses)


Responsible lecturer for the degree programmes:

Autonomous Systems

Prof. Oskar von Stryk

Distributed Software Systems

Dr. Michael Eichberg


Prof. Stefan Katzenbeisser

Internet- and Web-based Systems

Prof. Max Mühlhäuser (Internet-based Systems),

Prof. Iryna Gurevych (Web-based Systems)

Visual Computing

Prof. Stefan Roth


Course Guidance

  • general questions: The Department of Computer Science's Student Advisory Service

  • Distributed Software Systems: Dr. Michael Eichberg
  • IT-Security: Prof. Stefan Katzenbeisser

  • Internet- and Web-based Systems:

    • Internet-based Systems: Stefan Radomski
    • Web-based Systems: Christian Meyer

Student Advisory Service

S2|02 Piloty-Gebäude
Hochschulstraße 10

Dipl.-Inf. Tim Neubacher
Raum D115
Tel. + 49 6151 16 25518

Dr.-Ing. Guido Rößling
Raum A125
Tel. + 49 6151 - 16-25519


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