Distributed Software Systems

The master program in Distributed Software Systems contains four areas:

1. Formal methods, Programming Languages, and Software Engineering

2. Networking and Systems Software

3. Distributed Systems

4. Course-related achievements (e.g. seminars and labs)

You have to take courses from all areas accordingly to the study regulations. In each of the first three areas you e.g. need to collect at least 18 credit points. However there are no mandatory courses - you can freely choose among the available ones. You are free in how you want to structure your master program, you can really tailor it to your specific needs.

A list of the offered courses can be found here.

German Language courses

If you would like to learn German language during your stay, the Language Resources Center (Sprachenzentrum or simply SPZ) offers a variety of courses in different levels. The program is called FIPAIS (Fremdsprachliches und interkulturelles Programm für Austauscher und internationale Studierende).

The language course takes about 2 hours per week. Intensive courses are offered during the lecture free period. If you are interested please register via TUCaN (follow the links on the SPZ website).

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