Master of Science “Internet- and Web-based Systems”

Global networks characterize most complex IT systems. They increasingly emerge as an integral part of working culture and everyday life. The goal of the specialized Master’s program “Internet- and Web-based Systems” (IWS) is to enable the students to work at technologically highest standards in a number of state-of-the-art topics from business and research. The selection of courses allows for a focused specialization with in-depth knowledge on methods and concepts from the following areas:

  • Computer Networks
  • Information and Knowledge Processing
  • Web- and Text-based Systems
  • Distributed Systems and Ubiquitous Computing

The Master’s degree in “Internet- and Web-based Systems” provides a broad range of career opportunities in both business and research, for example, in the area of information retrieval and text mining, knowledge management, peer-to-peer technology, mobile computing and communication, but also classical software-related careers in automotive engineering, finance, pharmaceutical technology, etc. are excellent perspectives.

Further information:

Application and Admission

General information on the application and admission to the Master’s program can be found on the homepage of the StudInfo Contact Center. In case of any question on the how to apply, please contact the Department of International Affairs or the course guidance of the computer science department.

Examination Regulations 2015

The new Examination Regulations have been approved under reserve of potential imposts of the ACQUIN agency.

Examination Regulations 2009

An enrollment to these Examination Regulations is no longer possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which languages are used in teaching?

    • Most courses are currently taught in German, while there are also some English courses. Please take a look at the IWS lecture catalog or the university calendar to find out the language of the courses. The Department for International Affairs of the university is responsible for clarifying questions of admission. They can also recommend German language courses before or during the studies.

  • How is the IWS master structured?

    • The program is divided into five parts: a set of four mandatory lectures (“Pflichtbereich”), two areas in which you can choose lectures targeted at Internet-based and Web-based Systems (“Wahlpflichtbereich A” and “Wahlpflichtbereich B”), an area in which you can choose practical labs and seminars (“Wahlpflichtbereich C”), and finally the final Master’s thesis. You can find an overview on this structure and the corresponding ECTS associated to each part on page 3.

  • Which courses to I need to in addition to my Bachelor’s degree if I graduated at another university?

    • An equivalent to "Information Management" (previously "Introduction to Data and Knowledge Engineering")
    • An equivalent to "Computer networks and distributed systems" (previously "Introduction to Net Centric Systems")

  • Which possibilities are there for recognition of academic credits?

    • Contact the dean's office with a copy of your grades and your current Prüfungsplan (examination schedule)

  • Who is admitted to the Master’s program?

    • Students with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Technischen Universität Darmstadt or an equivalent degree.
    • Students with an equivalent degree from a related area of studies (engineering or natural sciences) under certain conditions. Contact the course guidance of the computer science department..

  • Is it possibly to study the regular Master’s program in addition to the specialized program? What is the estimated overhead?

    • A double Master’s degree is possibly. Depending on your choice of courses, it is possibly to obtain both degrees with about 60 additional CP.

  • What is a Prüfungsplan (examination schedule)?

    • Prior to taking the first examination, each student needs to create a Prüfungsplan (examination schedule) using the online tool.
    • The Prüfungsplan contains all courses that you plan to take until the end of your studies. This way, we want to encourage the students to think about their research focus as early as possible. In addition to that, you will be notified of incompatible courses (e.g., if two courses highly overlap in their syllabus). Though, it can be changed later upon agreement with the coordinators.
    • If you have questions or want to submit your Prüfungsplan, please contact the coordinators using the E-Mail address given above.
    • Online tool

  • How to apply? And when?

    • An online application form is available from the Studinfo Contact Center and the International Office. They will also help you in case of any questions. Typical application deadlines are on 15. January and 15. July each year.

  • Is it possible to do a research project in the context of the Master’s program?

    • Yes, a project with 12 CP may be included in part C (“Wahlpflichtbereich C: Studienbegleitende Leistungen”) of your studies.

  • I have attended one of the mandatory courses as part of my Bachelor’s degree. Do I have to attend it again?

    • No, but you need to take another course from the IWS lecture catalog with the same number of CP to substitute the mandatory course.

Coordinators and Course Guidance

Internet-based Systems:
Prof. Max Mühlhäuser
Web-based Systems:
Prof. Iryna Gurevych

Questions regarding application or admission should be directed to the Department for International Affairs or the course guidance of the department. Please have a look at the list of frequently asked questions.

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