TEDx RheinMain -- Journeys


TEDx RheinMain -- Journeys

mit Prof. Dr. Jan Peters, Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS) research group

15.11.2018, 18:00 Uhr | TU Darmstadt, Physik Hörsaal Uhrturm, Hochschulstr. 4, 64289 Darmstadt

The Event

How did you get here? Where are you going? TEDxRheinMain asks exactly this question on this year’s edition of the event. We want to know how our speakers got where they are and most importantly, what they discovered on their way. Join us while we tag along on their #Journeys!


Every journey is unique, so we tried to get as many different characters together as we could. Some come from space, some talk to robots, some had to start all over again several times to get where they are.

Johannes and Phillipp “The Real Life Guys”

Most people know Johannes and Philipp from their YouTube channel. Viewers worldwide follow their adventures building crazy inventions such as a flying bathtub, a submarine or an amazing tree house. It is clear that both pursue their motto “Do Something!”. What most people don't know is the part of Johannes and Philipp’s lives that does not appear in YouTube. In their talk, the Mickenberger brother’s will share their story beyond the YouTube success and their views on topics such as education and failure.

Janja Avbelj

Her childhood dream was becoming an astronaut and be able to see the earth from above. Janja quickly realized that chances to enter the Astronaut training program are slim. So she followed her love of figuring out how things work and become and engineer, only to figure out a way to go into space by proxy through working on satellite data. It is easy to tell that she is passionate about her job – and she is going to talk about the journey it takes for a photon to become a pixel on a satellite image.

Jan Peters

Professor at the department of computer science, he currently leads the Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS) research group at the TU Darmstadt. His impressive academic carrier has gained him much respect and admiration among students and researchers. In the past few years Jan has embarked on a fascinating journey. He and his team took up the challenge to teach robots a wide range of new motor skills using demonstrations, exploration and trial and error.

Isha Pundir

Isha found her passion in the idea of tweaking and reshaping reality. Using technology such as Google maps, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, she created artistic representations of Frankfurt. As an architecture student working on an interdisciplinary project, she found herself outside her comfort zone as she had to learn various skills in a limited frame of time. She realised that she had to change her approach to work to be able to execute her creative vision. The result is visually impressive, sparks inspiring thoughts about the use of technology in our daily lives and breaks the barriers between software, architecture and art.

“It is only when we explore and rip apart the defaults of such technology that we start to understand how our lives are shaped by it and how we can control and change that”

Holger Heinze

While others played it save, Holger decided to found his first company with the age of 17. Almost 20 years later, Holger can look back on the experiences of starting more than a dozen different startups. Some left him with huge dept, but that has never discouraged him. Eventually he managed his way to success. Now Holger is working on implementing novel and innovative company structures in businesses. Holger comes to TEDx RheinMain to share his views on fear. How he copes with it, and what he learned from it.

Bana Tsegai

Ever heard of Locking? If you’re not a part of the Urban Dance Scene, there’s a great chance you haven’t. Bana was 14 years when she started taking dancing classes. In a youth center near her hometown she made her first experiences with different Urban Styles. Over the years she realized that dancing was more than a hobby and became an essential part of her life. Her ambition and passion allowed her to succeed in competitions and soon she received enough recognition to be invited to international dance events. Along her way, Bana had to face difficult decisions and obstacles which had an impact on her journey and personality. In her TEDx talk she will share her view on the restrictions we have when making decisions and her way to free herself from inner outer constraints.

Ingmar Bruder

As a physicist working at BASF, Ingmar Bruder and his team made a surprising discovery during their research on organic solar cells. What seemed to be a measurement error, turned out to be a novel approach to depth sensing. Determined to bring the discovery to real-world use, Ingmar embarked on a journey to develop a product that revolutionizes distance measurement. From building the first prototype, convincing internal management and external customers, motivating a team, up to becoming the Managing Director of a start-up, Ingmar Bruder is going to talk about his journey from the idea to a company and what was essential for him to succeed.


Since we want to bring TEDx closer to students, we thought it would be quite suitable to host the event at TU Darmstadt — This year's Event is being organised by students for students! And for everyone else as well ;)

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