Dr.-Ing. Guido Rößling named ACM Distinguished Member

Honor for outstanding educational contributions to computer science

2022/12/12 by

Dr.-Ing. Guido Rößling, student advisor in the Department of Computer Science, was one of six people worldwide to receive the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) Distinguished Member for Outstanding Educational Contributions to Computing award. As the largest international Largest Computing Society, the ACM honors a number of individuals each year for special achievements in various categories of computer science as “ACM Distinguished Members”. This year, a total of 67 people received the prestigious title, including three from German universities.

Dr. Guido RößlingDr.-Ing. Guido Rößling

Dr.-Ing.Guido Rößling's main research interests are in the areas of algorithms visualization and e-learning. In both areas he has published numerous papers, with a total of more than 100 peer-reviewed publications to date.

In the area of algorithm visualization, a major contribution is the “Animal Algorithm” Algorithm Visualization System, which for the first time provides unbounded and flexible reverse-play capabilities.

His main research focus in e-learning is in three areas: Supporting teachers, especially for large lectures, providing more flexible learning environments for students, and creating more engaging learning materials with authoring software such as Articulate Storyline.

Over the years, he has also been active in ACM working groups, Roessling has also received multiple awards and nominations for his teaching.

ACM Distinguished Member program

The ACM Distinguished Member program recognizes up to 10 percent of ACM worldwide membership based on professional experience and significant achievements in the computing field. To be nominated, a candidate must have at least 15 years of professional experience in the computing field, five years of professional ACM membership in the last 10 years, and must have achieved a significant level of accomplishment or made a significant impact in the field of computing. A Distinguished Member is expected to have served as a mentor and role model by guiding technical career development and contributing to the field beyond the norm.

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