New at the Department: Prof. Marco Zimmerling

Resilient Networked Computing Group

2023/04/06 by

The Department of Computer Science welcomes a new member: since the beginning of April, Professor Dr. Marco Zimmerling has been Professor of Resilient Networked Computing. His field of research is networked embedded systems. The 40-year-old scientist was previously a professor at the University of Freiburg and headed the Networked Embedded Systems Lab there. We asked Professor Zimmerling about his start at TU Darmstadt:

Welcome to the Department, Prof. Dr. Marco Zimmerling

What is exciting about your topics?

Networked embedded systems are becoming increasingly important in research, industry and many other areas of society. Often mentioned in the same sentence as the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, it is hard to imagine life today without these systems. For example, intelligent building technology helps save energy, tree sensors promise better protection of our forests and autonomous robot fleets can manufacture customised products more efficiently.

The exciting thing about these applications is the close interlocking of digital computing units and physical systems. This gives rise to numerous challenges. For example, the installed devices should be as small and maintenance-free as possible, consume hardly any energy and yet reliably fulfil their intended function over several decades.

At TU Darmstadt, interdisciplinarity is writ large. Where in your field of work are there interfaces with other disciplines?

In order for the embedding of the digital into the real world described above to succeed, work at the interface between hardware and software and between computer science and electrical engineering is essential. In addition, topics such as sustainability and social acceptance are becoming increasingly important in my field of work.

The best balance to a stressful working day is …

… a long run through the nearby forest.