Workshop for Female RTG members: “Moderating with Confidence” with Dr. Vanessa Giese


On June 13-14, 2022, RTG PI Indra Spiecker traveled with female RTG PhDs and Associates to the Conference Center “Auf dem heiligen Berg” in Wuppertal to participate in a seminar workshop on “Moderating with Confidence”. The gender equality workshop was held by the coach Dr. Vanessa Giese who precisely designed the content for our female RTG members. She introduced the participants to the three-world model of psychologist Bernd Schmid, who expanded the common conflict model of profession vs. private life by dividing the professional role once again into profession (professional roles, my role as a professional expert in one or more disciplines) and organization (hierarchical roles, roles in the organization). In addition, male and female communication patterns were addressed, focusing on the difference between horizontal and vertical communication. On the second day, the female scientists learned how to set up, start and successfully conduct good conversations and meetings.