RTG Internationalization: Albert Yu presented Polymath (PETS'22) and SIM (Euro S&P'23)


Albert Yu, a fourth year Ph.D. student from Purdue University, USA, visited TU Darmstadt on July 7, 2023 and presented two of his papers to the members of the RTG 2050 Privacy and Trust and the ENCRYPTO group.
Albert Yu’s work on Polymath (PETS'22) and SIM (Euro S&P'23) push the real-world applicability of certain cryptographic primitives in the area of secure multi-party computation by introducing novel optimizations. This is very important to allow improving privacy aspects of existing and emerging machine learning applications.
His visit was an excellent opportunity for RTG doctoral students to broaden their horizons and exchange ideas involving recent and upcoming challenges and opportunities in the field of privacy-preserving computation.