Joint Workshop of RTGs at Dagstuhl


Joint Workshop of RTGs at Dagstuhl

Fruitful 12th Joint Workshop of German RTGs in Computer Science.

Since 2007, PhD students of DFG funded RTGs have been meeting annually for networking and knowledge exchange at Schloss Dagstuhl. The meeting aims to maintain a dialogue of opinions and knowledge between interdisciplinary PhD students and to support the connection among the German Computer Science community.

May 2018 the 12th Joint Workshop of the German Research Training Groups in Computer Science, 10 different German RTGs met to get in touch with each other. Different key notes were held by experts from science and industry. Every PhD had the chance to present their projects by giving talks and having poster sessions. The days at Schloss Dagstuhl were very fruitful and in spite of the tradition of every RTG organizing the network meeting only once, the RTG 2050 will be organizing the 2019 joint workshop again, like 2017.

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