In our research group QPC, we conduct research in various fields of cryptography that resists attackers equipped with a quantum computer, so-called quantum-resistant or post-quantum cryptography.

We are looking for a motivated student who is interested in pursuing a PhD in the field of post-quantum cryptography, especially in real-world applications of PQC. If you're interested, please send an email to , including your CV.

Post-quantum cryptography is needed to secure any IT system against attacks with quantum computers. Hence, our work ranges from theoretical aspects such as the hardness of lattice problems and quantum security proofs to more applied topics such as the development of cryptographic schemes and incorporating them into practical applications.

A special focus of our research is the physical security of cryptographic schemes, i.e., research on side channel and fault attacks. We analyze various post-quantum schemes regarding their vulnerability towards such attacks with the goal of making them resistant against them.