SoftwareFactory 4.0

The LOEWE project Software-Factory 4.0 (SF4.0) is a 4-year project funded by the German State of Hesse. The goal of “Software-Factory 4.0” is to enable legacy software systems as used for high performance computing and cyber-physical production systems to keep up with the rapid technological advances made in the development of new hardware and middleware platforms.

SF4.0 aims to create methods and tools that enable continuous and largely automated re-engineering of software to meet changed requirements and technological constraints. Re-engineering keeps software development costs manageable and allows one to preserve expert domain knowledge inherent to legacy software. The two main application areas to be explored in SF4.0 are “High-Performance Computing” (HPC) and “Industrie 4.0”.

The Institute for Scientific Computing participates in the application area “High-Performance Computing” by researching possibilities to automatically construct, so-called, mini- or proxy-apps from existing applications. Within the project, the Performance Instrumentation Refinement Automation framework PIRA is developed. More can be found on the project's website.