We develop and maintain several research software projects that are available as open source software. Please see the list below for a short description of each software project and a link to its github repository.

SC Research Software

Research software developed at the Institute for Scientific Computing at TU Darmstadt.

sc @ github

Automatic Differentiation for Matlab

ADiMat is a tool for algorithmic differentiation of Matlab programs.


Automatic Partitioning of MPI Operations

LLVM-based static analysis tool that replaces blocking MPI operations with equivalent Partitioned operations in some MPI+OpenMP codes.

CommPart @ github

Customized Code Instrumentation

Framework for automatic, selective and extendable instrumentation of C and C++ codes.


Linting operator overloading in C++

OO-Lint is a static source code analyzer for checking compatibility with operator overloading.

00-Lint @ github

MPI Assertion Checking

LLVM-based static analysis tool to check if MPI 4.0 communicator assertions can be specified.

mach @ githib

Whole-Program Call-Graph

Clang-based tool to construct a whole-program call-graph.

MetaCG @ github

PIRA logo

Automatic Instrumentation Refinement

Framework for automatic instrumentation refinement based on Score-P and Clang.

PIRA @ github

Implementation of the NIST Round 2 Cryptography Candidate qTESLA

Practical implementation in Java and C of the post-quantum signature scheme qTESLA.

qTESLA @ github

Parallelized Runtime Model Generator

Based on Extra-P and parallel simulated annealing. Runtime models generated cover logarithmic, polynomial, exponential and factorial runtime behavior.

SimAnMo @ github

Type-safety sanitizer

TypeART is an LLVM-based type and memory allocation tracking sanitizer.

TypeART @ github