Delay-tolerant F2F network simulator

The delay-tolerant friend-to-friend network simulator models the network behavior of aDTN a network scheme for undetectable wireless communication. More information on the scheme can be found on its project page.

The current version of the simulator code is available on its GitHub page.

The simulator code is hosted on GitHub. The URL for the project is https://github.com/megfault/F2FDTNsim. You can view and download all project files there. Moreover, you can use a git client to download the complete project repository with the following command:

$ git clone git://github.com/megfault/F2FDTNsim


Please see LICENSE.txt for detailed licensing information. Note that any use of the framework which results in an academic publication or other publication which includes a bibliography must include a citation to this project. Please use the following BibTex citation code:

Author = {Barroso, Ana and Hollick, Matthias},
Title = {Delay-tolerant friend-to-friend network simulator},
Url = {https://www.seemoo.tu-darmstadt.de/research/software/f2fdtnsim/}


The simulator for delay-tolerant friend-to-friend networks was written for the purpose of evaluating the network performance of aDTN, an anonymous wireless communication scheme.