WARP Drive

WARP Drive

WARP Drive is a framework for prototyping cross-layer multi-hop mechanisms on the WARP software-defined radio developed at Rice University. It builds on the WARPLab reference design, which allows for rapid prototyping using Matlab. WARP Drive provides (a) a modular interface to WARPLab that allows high flexibility regarding testbed configuration, and (b) a modular network stack that enables users to design cross-layer protocols directly in Matlab.


We provide a reference implementation of WARP Drive, which includes sample physical, media access control, and network layers. This implementation provides basic functionality for a wireless multi-hop network and is intended as a starting point for developers using WARP Drive. The latest stable version is available for download below.

WARP Drive v0.9


The file Run.m in the wmnwarp folder of the download bundle starts WARP Drive. The file textTx.m in the subfolder actions provides some basic implementation examples, such as beacon messages for neighbor discovery.


Please see License.txt for detailed licensing information. Any publication that uses WARP Drive must include a citation to this project. Please use the following BibTex citation code:

Author = {Loch, Adrian and Schulz, Matthias and Hollick, Matthias},
Title = {WARP Drive},
Url = {https://www.seemoo.de/warpdrive}


WARP Drive has been tested with the configuration below but other versions might work, too (e.g., older Matlab releases). Some components of WARP Drive are available as MEX files for faster operation. The versions included in the download bundle have been compiled for Mac OS but can be recompiled for any other platform. Alternatively, the original (uncompiled) Matlab code can be used.

  • WARPv2 and WARPv3
  • WARPLab 6 and 7
  • Matlab R2013a