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Graduation Ceremony

The upcoming ceremony is planned as a video conference in June 2021. Graduates who have collected their official Master certificate at the students office, will receive an invitation via email.

Important: If your registration has not been confirmed or if you have not received the expected email, please contact us, thank you.

Please direct all questions directly to

Graduation Ceremony November 2019

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TU Darmstadt Alumni Network

Science, research and teaching have to be highly dynamic. The Technische Universität Darmstadt is a place for continuous exchange and continual coming and going.

We hope that those who were enrolled here and who researched and refined their academic career will have fond memories about the TU Darmstadt and will carry the university's good reputation as ambassadors into the world. We, the Department of Computer Science, are happy that our alumni keep in touch with us.

The TU Darmstadt invites you to become part of the international alumni network.