Departmental Students' Representative Committee

We have a Departmental Students' Representative Committee that is very much committed to help motivated students, who are interested in studying Computer Science at our department. Departmental Students' Representative Committee offers various programmes that aim to provide you with substantial information of our university in general and the Department of Computer Science in particular.


Online Self-Assessment Master Distributed Software Systems (MDSS)

Find out what to expect, how the course is organised and if the Master Distributed Software System complies with your expectations and skills. You can test yourself and see what knowledge is required and do tasks which outline essential contents of the Master's course.

Advisors and Counsellors

Do you still have questions after browsing our websites?

Please contact the academic advisors of our department if you have specific questions about our study programmes.

If you have questions about studying at TU Darmstadt, please contact the Central Student Counselling Service – ZSB.