Semantics and Verification of Parallel Systems

Research Group Semantics and Verification of Parallel Systems

The research groups semantics and verification of parallel systems was founded in 2019 and is led by Prof. Dr. Marie-Christine Jakobs.

Our Research Area

The goal of software verification is to check whether a program satisfies certain properties. Properties of interest are many-fold and range from the absence of runtime errors (division by zero, null pointer dereference, etc.) over termination to functional properties like a programs sorts the input list.

Software verification plays an important role for today’s society. Software systems are all around us. While a crash of our cellphone caused by a software error is annoying, a software error in safety-critical applications like automatic cruise control can be catastrophic.

To check properties of a program, we need to know the semantics of the program, i.e., a description of the possible executions of a program.

Our Research Interests

Our group mainly considers formal methods for verification of software, i.e., our approaches are built on mathematical foundations. Especially, we are interested in formal methods belonging to the classes of static program analysis or model checking. Our research focuses on the verification of parallel systems. In our group, we perform foundational research as well as tool development.

Currently, we are particularly interested in incremental verification, the combination of verification approaches and the validation of verification results. For details on our research, we refer to our research and publication pages.

Current Teaching

We regularly offer integrated courses in the area of automatic software verification and verification of parallel systems. Additionally, at least once a year we offer a seminar looking into current topics from our research area. If you are interested in writing a thesis in our group, please have a look at our list of open theses topics.

Getting Involved in our Research

Your are interested in our research and want to be involved. Different possibilities exist.

As a student you may write your thesis in our group. Also, we regularly offer student jobs to support us in teaching or in our research projects.

If you are interested in doing a PhD in our group, please contact Prof. Dr. Marie-Christine Jakobs to discuss your current options.

If you are from industry or a member of another research group and you are interested in a cooperation, please also contact Prof. Dr. Marie-Christine Jakobs.