Verification of Parallel Programs (VPP)

The integrated course deals with mostly automatic verification approaches for multi-threaded programs with shared memory. More details can be found in the section course content.

Verification of Parallel Programs (VPP)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Marie-Christine Jakobs

The course will be no longer offered. The last time the course was offered was in winter term 2022/23..

Course Content

The course deals with mostly automatic verification approaches for multi-threaded programs with shared memory. Topics of the course are:

  • Semantics of parallel programs, e.g., interleaving semantics
  • Static and dynamic approaches for data race detection
  • Techniques for deadlock detection
  • Verification of program properties (e.g., with sequentialization, bounded model checking, etc.)
  • Partial Order Reduction
  • Thread-modular verification

At the end of the course, students can name a number of techniques for the verification of parallel programs, especially in the area of data race and deadlock detection as well as for verification of safety properties. They should be able to explain the underlying formalisms of the techniques, to describe the work flow of the different techniques, and to apply the techniques on examples. Moreover, the students know the strengths and weaknesses of the techniques.

Recommended Previous Knowledge

Knowledge according to the first four bachelor terms in computer science that is ideally supplemented by knowledge of automatic software verification techniques for sequential programs as taught in the course Automatic Software Verification .


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