Paper on Scalable OLTP in the cloud accepted to CIDR 2023

Is Scalable OLTP in the Cloud a Solved Problem?


Tobias Ziegler will present his paper “Is Scalable OLTP in the Cloud a Solved Problem?” at CIDR 2023 in Amsterdam.

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In this paper, we revisit the question of what a scalable OLTP design should look like. The industry has mainly settled on a shared-log design, where the log of updates is applied to secondaries to make them available for reads. An alternative is a shared-caching system where every compute node can access all the storage and cache all the data that a transaction reads and writes. The latter provides exciting opportunities for the cloud, such as scalability for skewed reads while avoiding user-defined partitioning and two-phase commit. Moreover, we discuss lessons learned from building a new cloud OLTP DBMS based on a shared-caching design and present research opportunities for the community.