Systems Group at SIGMOD 2024


Greetings from SIGMOD 2024. We are happy to bring several new papers and demos with us.


  • Zero-sided RDMA: Network-driven Data Shuffling for Disaggregated Heterogeneous Cloud DBMSs (Matthias Jasny)


  • SmartNICs in the Cloud: The Why, What, and How of In-network Processing for Data-Intensive Applications (Faeze Faghih)


  • Demonstrating CAESURA: Language Models as Multi-Modal Query Planners (Matthias Urban) – Best Demo Award

Workshop papers:

  • Seamless: Transparent Storage Access Through Smart Switches (DAMON, Simon Binder)
  • Towards Extending XAI for Full Data Science Pipelines (HILDA, Nadja Geisler)
  • More of that, please: Domain Adaptation of Information Extraction through Examples & Feedback (HILDA, Benjamin Hättasch)
  • Rethinking Table Retrieval from Data Lakes (AIDM, Jan-Micha Bodensohn)