LOEWE Top Professorship Awarded to Prof. Binnig

LOEWE Top Professorship Awarded to AI and Data Management Expert, Prof. Carsten Binnig


We are thrilled to announce that Prof. Dr. Carsten Binnig has been honored with a prestigious LOEWE-Spitzenprofessur at TU Darmstadt. This appointment, supported by the state of Hessen, significantly advances the “Reasonable Artificial Intelligence (RAI)” initiative, which recently cleared the initial stages towards becoming an Excellence Cluster under Germany's Excellence Strategy.

The LOEWE-Spitzenprofessur brings substantial backing, providing approximately two million euros over the next five years to bolster Prof. Binnig's research efforts. Prof. Binnig, who has been a cornerstone of the TU Darmstadt faculty since 2017, specializes in data management and AI systems. His work focuses on creating user-friendly, self-optimizing AI-based database systems, promising significant advancements not just in academia but also in economic and societal applications.

Hessen's Minister of Science, Timon Gremmels, emphasized the importance of Prof. Binnig's contributions: “Holding onto such a distinguished researcher is crucial for the success of TU Darmstadt and Hessen's AI research landscape. The development of intuitive, resource-efficient AI systems proposed by Prof. Binnig is invaluable."

The RAI project aims to address the current shortcomings of AI systems, which often struggle with new situations and require extensive resources. The goal is to develop next-generation AI that operates efficiently with reasonable data quality and privacy standards. This project, led by TU Darmstadt in collaboration with universities in Frankfurt, Bonn, and Würzburg, aspires to embed AI with common sense and adaptability, making it more accessible and functional in varying contexts.

TU Darmstadt President, Prof. Dr. Tanja Brühl, congratulated Prof. Binnig on his appointment: “Carsten Binnig’s exemplary research in data management and AI is pivotal for our university and the broader Hessian AI ecosystem. As a founding member of hessian.AI and leader at the DFKI's Systemic AI for Decision Support unit, he is instrumental in advancing innovative AI solutions. His LOEWE professorship will further enhance the accessibility and usability of databases, benefiting science and society alike.”

We celebrate Prof. Binnig's continued achievements and look forward to the impactful advancements in AI that his LOEWE professorship will undoubtedly bring to our university and beyond.

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