Cyber-Physical Security

Cyber-Physical Security is Security in the Internet of Things. In particular we are investigating security solutions that incorporate the physical attributes

of hardware by design, i.e., hardware entangled cryptography– for instance by means of the so-called Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs).

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Mobile Security

Secure Architectures and Security Analysis for mobile platforms like Google's Android, Apple's iPhone or Nokia's Onboard redentials. Furthermore, we focus on Sensors and RFID.

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Cloud Computing

Privacy and resilience for Internet-scale critical infrastructures. We focus on enhanced security for data and computation outsoured to the cloud.

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Applied Cryptography

Ranges from practical protocols for simple embedded systems to public-key based protocols. Of particular interest are the design and implementation of hardware-based protocols, and privacy-preserving protocols. Moreover, we do research in the field of secure computations

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Trust in Mobile and Embedded Systems

We ana­ly­ze, de­sign, and de­ve­lop ad­van­ced se­cu­ri­ty ar­chi­tec­tu­res for personal and di­stri­bu­ted systems. Our se­cu­ri­ty ar­chi­tec­tu­res aim at pro­vi­ding me­cha­nis­ms to pro­tect per­so­nal user in­for­ma­ti­on across IT sys­tems. This concern in particular embedded systems such as low-cost sensor platforms as well as RFID and mobile systems.

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